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Today Consumers want Faster, Easier and more Payment Options

Gigadat provides nationally recognized Pay-in and Pay-out solutions that can allow you to access 100% of all financial institution consumers in Canada.

A complicated process Simplified so our customer can provide service 24/7 to anyone in Canada, providing more serenity to our clients knowing that Gigadat utilizes the financial institutions networks to provide fast, safe and secure transfers and deposits.

Gigadat provides complete transparency to all our customers with our proprietary Secure Online Reporting Interface called BluSky. BluSky will allow our customers to make intelligent decisions based on metrics such as conversion, volume and growth.

Gigadat has streamlined all our solutions into a comprehensible API, (making integration as fast and easy as possible) into your websites, APPs, or platform. Ask about our Combined Flow solutions Today!

About Us

Gigadat is a team comprised of Canadian payment experts who understand e-merchant needs and requirements, as well as their industry specifics to create a reliable, convenient and secure payments ecosystem, designed to support consumers, e-merchants and financial institutions!

With almost 96% of financial transactions and payments becoming digital in the two last decades across Canada, we decided to facilitate online banking payment solutions to connect Canadian consumers with global e-merchants and service providers.

We have two major business imperatives:

• Provide e-merchants with access to 100% of Canadian consumers;
• Deliver a highly secure sophisticated payments gateway and
  platform, protecting both consumers and our e-merchants;

Whether you are a recent start-up, an SME or an established multinational company, our goal is to offer the safest online banking payment solution securely connecting all Canadians to the services and products you offer online.

New Products Coming!

Gigadat is always looking to provide the most effective services in the marketplace. Whether it's enhancing our real-time reporting tools to provide analytics for our partners or developing new more effective services. Watch out for our next product release coming soon! Ask about other Payin and Payout options!

Our Mission

Day after day, we strive and push our limits to deliver the most innovative, convenient and secure online payment environment to bridge the gap and connect Canadian consumers with e-merchants from around the world.

Our Values

INTEGRITY: We believe that respect and ethics are essential for growth!

FOCUS: Our team constantly focuses on e-merchant expectations consistently meeting or exceeding their requirements by introducing and advancing new methods of payments.

EXCELLENCE: Our goal is to provide the smoothest user experience by providing a highly secure, frictionless transaction environment.