Express Connect ecashout

Payout Funds

Deposit funds into any bank account in Canada

Process payouts faster with Express Connect eCashout! Our customized online Automated Clearing House (ACH) solution provides merchants and other organizations with the ability to Deposit funds to any end-user in Canada.

Easy, convenient and affordable – simply collect the end-users’ account information and funds are automatically deposited into the end-user’s bank account.

100% of Canadian financial institutions are supported by Express Connect eCashout!

Payout funds securely with Express Connect eCashout in 3 easy steps:

  1. Collect the recipient’s legal name on bank account;

  2. Provide the recipient’s amount to be deposited;

  3. Collect the recipient’s banks transit number, institution number and bank account number.

The benefits of Express Connect eCashout include:

  • Distribute funds to any Canadian end-users
  • Processing transactions multiple times per business day
  • Detailed Reporting 24/7
  • Simple settlement