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US population: 326,766,748
Urban population: 80.7%
GDP per capita: $52,194.90 USD
Average household income: $59,055 USD
Average age: 38.1 years
English speakers: 237.8 million
Spanish speakers: 40.5 million
Chinese speakers: 3.4 million


United States' ethnical diversity by language

1.7 million speak Tagalog (Filipino)
statistics canada logo1.5 million speak Vietnamese
1.2 million speak Arabic
1.2 million speak French
1.1 million speak Korean
910,000 speak Russian

This is important to note, especially for Merchants who offer products or services in these languages.


Industry projections

U.S. e-commerce sales will increase nearly 16% in 2018, to reach $526.09 billion, representing 10% of total retail sales


Transactions coming from the United States to Canadian e-commerce stores have popped in recent months, evidence that U.S. shoppers have started taking advantage of the loonie's tumble against the U.S. dollar

Card payments

Debit card holders 94% Credit card holders 79%

Online Payment Preference Ratio

pie chart for credit card

Credit cardholder

pie chart for debit card

Debit cardholder

pie chart for paypal


United States' largest financial institutions

Online & Mobile banking key figures

65% using online banking at least weekly
32% conduct financial business through their mobile phone
35% of cell phone owners, bank using their mobile phones

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What are Americans buying online?

small interac logoClothing

small interac logoBooks

small interac logoElectronics

small interac logoMusic

small interac logoGovernment services

small interac logoFlight or travel packages

small interac logoShow or game tickets

small interac logoHousehold goods

small interac logoMovies, video or TV

small interac logoGame apps for a computer or mobile device