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Partner with us and Expand your business throughout Canada!

The Gigadat Partner program is designed for e-merchants and online service providers so they can offer proven well established high conversion alternative payment options with no Credit Card required.

Our Business Development team will be happy to discuss and inform you about all aspects of Gigadat payment solutions.

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Fast Integration

Our mindset is to keep everything simple and easy, in this way e-merchants can concentrate on growing their business.

Therefore, we have built a hassle-free environment reducing integration times and providing financial transaction information in real time in the blink of an eye.

From our business development to our operations team, we make every effort to support e-merchants and help them expand their business in the Canadian market!

As consumers, Canadians enjoy a familiar and user-friendly online payment solution through their own secure online banking.

Real Time Reporting

In today’s fast paced business environment, e-merchants must be able to instantly track their transactions in real time!

With this in mind, we have developed an interactive management and reporting dashboard allowing e-merchants to see their transactions in real-time 24/7 and turn that data into valuable information and insight.



As our solution is based on a countrywide national bank shared network, our environment is regulated by Canadian authorities such as FINTRAC and is fully compliant to AML rules.

E-merchants who offer the Gigadat payment solutions must comply with the:Canadian Code of Practice for Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce.

This code establishes benchmarks for good business practices for merchants engaged in commercial activities with consumers in the online world.

Market Overview

Canada is one of the most socially and economically advanced countries in the world and is recognized as having a very strong and secure financial system.

It’s a country with considerable natural resources and has a thriving young and multicultural population which makes Canada of tremendous value to any entrepreneurs or businesses that want to grow and expand their business in the market.

Moreover, technology and e-commerce are highly integrated and understood by Canadians who are ranked among the largest daily e-consumers.