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The fast, secure way to receive money

The fast, secure way to receive money

INTERAC e-Transfer payout lets merchants send money to any end-user with an email address and a bank account in Canada. All you need is their email address or mobile phone number to send payments, without collecting any personal financial information.

This national service provides merchants and other organizations with an efficient, secure and low-cost electronic payment option.

Money is received immediately by the recipient by accepting the INTERAC e-Transfer transaction anytime and anywhere they have an internet connection on their mobile device or computer.

Notifications are sent to the recipients’ email address or mobile phone number, where payments can then be accepted and deposited using online banking at the recipient’s financial institution of choice. Over 250 financial institutions are supported by INTERAC e-Transfer!

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Withdraw money easily with INTERAC e-Transfer:

  1. The recipient will receive an SMS text message with his/her security question answer on the mobile number supplied;

  2. An INTERAC e-Transfer email will be sent to the email address supplied;

  3. The End-user copies “Recipient email” and “Message”, enter the amount.

  4. The recipient will receive 3 reminders until he accepts or declines the INTERAC e-Transfer.

The benefits of INTERAC e-Transfer include:

  • Real-time and overnight processing transfers
  • Funds are deposited real-time anywhere and anytime
  • Receive real-time acknowledgment and transaction status reports
  • Each payment is password protected