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Whether it is music, movies, pictures or software, turn e-surfers into customers!

Turn e-surfers into customers!

In the digital goods sector, intangible products and services such as e-books, mobile apps, software, streaming media, audio and video content are some of the most diversified and highly competitive industries on the Internet. We are constantly innovating and evolving to provide e-merchants with high-end online payment methods and transaction services.
Canadians shop more abroad than domestically, with 67% of digital shoppers purchasing from other countries. Top cross-border destinations include the U.S.A.

There were over 20 million digital buyers throughout Canada in 2018 and by 2024 this figure is estimated to increase to 24 million.


Digital goods sales are only looking up!

It is no coincidence that Canadians choose the security and convenience of Canadian online banking solutions on average 16 million times every day.

Our philosophy is to listen, analyse, develop and then to deliver the best business engagement solution to meet our partners’ requirements!


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Our goal is to ensure the loyalty of online and mobile consumers by having the simplest and most intuitive user-experience! From business development to risk & fraud management and IT, each of our team members contribute throughout the entire value chain, making Gigadat Solutions the leading online payment facilitator in the digital industry across Canada.