Industries - Travel & Tourism

From airline companies, to hotels, car rentals and restaurants, increase the number of bookings!

Increase the number of bookings !

From airline companies, to hotels, car rentals and restaurants, Canadian online banking payment solutions help travel and tourism businesses reach unprecedented heights.

Providing this option for the travel and tourism industry enhances, streamlines and offers a cost-effective alternative for booking travel.

Our solutions dramatically increase conversion rates while lowering costs with highly secured payment technology and a safe range of alternative payment options.

Canadian users appreciate the fact that our products facilitate easier online gaming and with the Canadian market growing at such a rapid rate, more and more gamers are looking for sites that accept our innovative online banking payment solutions.

Loyal to trusted solutions!

With the introduction of Gigadat’s alternative payment solutions, travel businesses are working to expand the payment choices available to their customers.

Since customer payments are completed through the financial institutions customers know and trust, they have the assurance that their transaction is secure.

This is why Canadian customers increasingly use Canadian payment solutions!


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Our goal is to ensure the loyalty of online and mobile consumers by having the simplest and most intuitive user-experience! From business development to risk & fraud management and IT, each of our team members contribute throughout the entire value chain, making Gigadat Solutions the leading online payment facilitator in the digital industry across Canada.