Gigadat Secure

Fight fraud while creating the most seemless experience for customers!
Canadian users appreciate the fact that our products facilitate easier online gaming and with the Canadian market growing at such a rapid rate, more and more gamers are looking for sites that accept our innovative online banking payment solutions.

We protect businesses and consumers

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, it is essential for merchants and service providers to confirm the identity of those with whom they are in business.

Not only is it crucial to ensure the security of all those involved, but it is also a regulatory requirement (PCMLTFA).

That is why Gigadat developed Gigadat Secure


Introducing Gigadat Secure

Gigadat Secure links the end-user with their financial institution, where they can verify their identity quickly and safely.

This verification will facilitate the KYC (know your customer) procedure thereby reducing the risk of fraud as well as enhancing the AML (anti money laundering) and CFT (countering the financing of terrorism) protection.

Furthermore, this integrated service will enable Gigadat to be proactively compliant and engaged with financial regulators such as FINTRAC.

Ultimately, Gigadat Secure will ensure that merchants will receive accurate and trusted information about their end-users, allowing for better, safer, and quicker delivery of services.


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Our goal is to ensure the loyalty of online and mobile consumers by having the simplest and most intuitive user-experience! From business development to risk & fraud management and IT, each of our team members contribute throughout the entire value chain, making Gigadat Solutions the leading online payment facilitator in the digital industry across Canada.