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Offer the best local payment solutions and benefit from the trust of your customers!

Offer the best payment solutions!

In different markets, customers have varying preferences when it comes to making online payments for e-store transactions, but most of them will be hesitant to share their confidential financial information.

This is why you need to offer them solutions that they trust and know, especially in their own market.

Canada is a straightforward country for payment methods, using ‘standard’ international card schemes, but dominated by bank debit cards for online purchases and payments.
Canadians are amongst the most prolific cross-border e-commerce shoppers in the world.

Localization in payments is key

In our experience, adding online banking solutions as an alternative payment option will increase your sales by a minimum 35%!

We know that customers today expect a safe, friendly and convenient e-shopping experience for retail and hard goods. An e-merchant account is the first step in providing it.

To boost online revenues, e-merchants must have a responsive and local online banking payment platform integrated with their websites. That is precisely what we offer!


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Our goal is to ensure the loyalty of online and mobile consumers by having the simplest and most intuitive user-experience! From business development to risk & fraud management and IT, each of our team members contribute throughout the entire value chain, making Gigadat Solutions the leading online payment facilitator in the digital industry across Canada.