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Whether you are into e-sports or social gaming, we’ve got you covered!

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eGaming and social gaming are rapidly expanding, and it is now more than ever, a global business requiring customized merchant accounts.

The complexity of the challenges faced by eGaming and social gaming sites at both the federal and provincial level across Canada is simplified through the use of Gigadat’s banking payment methods.

Canadian users appreciate the fact that our products facilitate easier online gaming and with the Canadian market growing at such a rapid rate, more and more gamers are looking for sites that accept our innovative online banking payment solutions.

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In the gaming world like in most industries, digital fraud is growing at a worrying pace.

Whether it is through account takeover, phishing or friendly fraud, businesses do not want to face chargebacks and customers need a worry-free user experience.

Gigadat provides businesses with a robust portfolio of flexible and secure online banking payment solutions that ensure e-merchants succeed. Our PCI compliance and adherence to AML and local regulations provide a secure and compliant environment for gaming businesses.


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Our goal is to ensure the loyalty of online and mobile consumers by having the simplest and most intuitive user-experience! From business development to risk & fraud management and IT, each of our team members contribute throughout the entire value chain, making Gigadat Solutions the leading online payment facilitator in the digital industry across Canada.